ROUTE: N3 north-south highway between Johannesburg and Durban
DISTANCE: 500 kilometres


From busy Johannesburg on the Highveld to sub-tropical Durban on the Indian Ocean, the N3 highway takes the motorist through some of South Africa’s most fascinating, most breathtakingly beautiful countryside.


Steeped in history, myth and legend, the 500km route of the modern N3 transports the motorist past places of immense – but largely invisible – interest. Now, with The N3 Radio App, these fascinating stories come to you as you drive, automatically triggered by your mobile device’s built-in GPS functionality.


As well as taking a drive back through South Africa’s tumultuous past, the N3 takes the motorist through and past many of our country’s most scenic, most loved tourist destinations – the Drakensberg, the KZN Midlands, the Valley of a Thousand Hills, the Battlefields, the Vaal River and the endless plains of the Free State. The app tells you about these places and where to go.


Narrated by rapper and TV presenter ProVerb and TV personality Ashley Hayden, the N3 Radio App tells you amazing stories as you drive, and suggests even more amazing places to visit, where to stay, where to eat and what to do all
along (and just off) the N3.


What’s on the app

  • Location-specific stories about ancient battles, lost cities, explorers and adventurers, unique natural phenomena and the histories of towns, cities and settlements
  • Pictures to illustrate the app’s stories
  • Maps and directories – with information and online links – to places to stay, where to eat, what to do
  • Information on incredible self-drive holidays, weekends or quick one-day getaways
  • Live traffic-flow info on your route