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The N3 -The history, the mystery, the beauty

- revealed as you go

It’s live! The brand new N3 Radio with traffic updates,
great stories and surprises.

Our Apps

n3 radio app
platinum road radio
magaliesberg radio

Features Turn your drive into a voyage of discovery


Hands-free audio


Play the stories on loudspeaker or Bluetooth and everyone in the car can listen

Entertain (and educate) the whole family


You will discover a whole bunch of stuff you never knew existed along the route you’re travelling.

Know where to go and what to do and see


The apps give you advice and guidance en route on things to do, places to go when and where


Free for Android and iOS


No charges from your app store – just download and install

Be amazed. Be entertained. Be safe


How the apps work


Go to your app store and

download the app you want. Or

all of them – preferably using

someone else’s wifi.


Listen to the stories at home or

wherever but preferably on the road.



Check out the maps and the
listings of great adventures you
can have along the routes
covered by our apps. In the
Magaliesberg, check out the
latest app-only special offers
and discounts.


Download updates – we won’t
bother you with those finicky
little technical glitch fixes. We
keep updating the stories .
That’s why the apps have dates
– so that there is always fresh
new content.


When online, the map alerts you
to possible congestion (red,
amber, green)


Never start or even look at the
app while driving – that’s the
passenger’s job. The driver’s
hands are for steering. And
indicating.and discounts.


Get on the road and explore your
country in a way you’ve never
done before. Discover secrets
and locations you never knew
existed and reap the rewards of
being on Highwayapps.



Let us make an app for you

We do great apps – apps that work – for users and for the travel industry.
Just about everyone these days is making a travel app – and most of them are


Apps that consist of little more than directories listing ATMs and restaurants
with a few badly-written, meaningless words just don’t cut it with travellers who
want content that is useful and interesting. We don’t do the former but we do do
the latter. Which is why our apps are so popular – people actually use them and
interact with them. And they work brilliantly.


Our apps are designed by content people, not ad agencies or techies. Please get
in touch with us about building a great app that does justice to your route, your
area or attraction.


Bet we can do it for much less than the other guys. And you will have fantastic
content that you can use forever and ever. Drop Peter Delmar a line at